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Our names are Jason and Kesha. We are the owners of Dark Discoveries Tours. Dark Discoveries Tours is a walking tour company offering unique experiences detailing the morbid history behind America's most well-known cities and towns. Our tours are led by experienced guides who will take you on a journey you will never forget. We guarantee a thrilling experience as you learn about the most infamous crime scenes and local haunts. Join us as we uncover the secret history of your favorite city. 

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Our Story

We have a passion for history and culture, as well as travel and making connections with other travelers around the world. Recently, we experienced an amazing walking tour of London, which deftly weaved a gory subject (Jack the Ripper) with cultural history and humor. We realized there was an opportunity to view the taboo, the macabre, and the just plain weird, from a cultural lens, to create a unique, historical walking tour experience. Dark Discoveries Tours was born. Our first tours are starting now in Austin, Texas, with other major American cities to follow.

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